Congrats! You Are Starting on an Incredible Journey

We get our essential oils from doTERRA, a company that not only has superior oils with no chemicals, fillers, pesticides or weeds, but a company that is committed to creating and nurturing relationships with their partners in the field (literally). Their integrity is found in every step of process and in every drop of oil produced.
Soon you will discover this for yourself!

Signing Up for a Wholesale Account is SIMPLE:

  1. First, review Becoming a Wellness Advocate for membership benefits and fees click Join doTERRA at the bottom of the page
  2. Select language and country then continue
  3. Select Wholesale Prices to get the very best deals and incentives and continue
  4. Fill out the ABOUT YOU section to get your doTERRA account registered

    As a part of our Be Well family, the Sponsor ID section should already be filled out with our membership number. If it’s not, fill out the “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” fields with 395895 to ensure you are a part of our team.(NOTE: For US residents, you will be asked you to list your Tax ID number or SSN but is for tax purposes only and the information is NOT shared with anyone. Since you are opening a Wholesale member, you have the opportunity to sell the products if you want. If you do and you make over 600 USD a year, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail. If you never intend on earning anything, then you can choose not to fill in your Tax ID or SSN.)

  5. Select your initial order under Most Popular Enrollment KitsYou can: choose an Introductory Essential Oil Packet for 20 Euro/35 USD and pick individual oils/products under Add Any Other Products to Your First Order.OR, BETTER YET – Pick an Enrollment Kit and waive the Introductory Essential Oil Packet fee as it is part of the kit. Check here for enrollment kits available in Europe, in the US, and Other places.Getting an enrollment kit gives you the best value for your money.For beginners, the Natural Solutions Kit is awesome. You get a FREE diffuser, about $100 worth in free product credit, about a $150 or more in free products. For those who want to start their own Essential Oil business, the Every Oil Kit or Business Leader Kit (or Diamond Kit in some places) are great options.If you are unsure what kit you should get, or have any questions, contact us and we’d be happy to help!
  6. After processing your order, you are going to get the question about setting up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). This is optional and can be changed at any time, but we found it is a good idea to set it up from the start because it is going to save you a TON of money. It’s like signing up for frequent flyer miles. You will get back free product and product credit every month.I know this may be confusing, but no worries, w e will go over this together very soon. I just don’t want you to miss out, so sign up for your LRP. After all the great initial savings of wholesale pricing, we’re getting back 30% of my order every month in product credit, that is a 55% savings!
  7. And you’re done. Super easy! You will be getting an email confirmation from doTERRA. In addition, we will be contacting you to answer any questions you may have, and to help you get started with the oils right away. So look for our welcome email. We are excited about your oil journey and are grateful to be a part of it. Talk to you soon and Be Well!

Ok, if you haven’t signed up yet, scroll back to the top and get started! Otherwise, check our Frequently Asked Signup Questions below or contact us if there is anything we can help you with.

Frequently Asked Signup Questions:

  1. Are there any required minimum purchases? Nope! You can order what you want and as often as you want. Just cancel if you don’t want an order going out.
  2. Are there any hidden fees? Nix! There are no hidden fees, obligations, minimums, or strings-attached. Just awesome products, support, and education.
  3. Does opening a wholesale account mean I have to sell essential oils? No worries! Having a wholesale account simply allows you to receive the best possible pricing and special deals and incentives.
  4. Do I have to purchase a kit? Not at all! You can open a wholesale account with the $35 Essential Oil Introductory Enrollment Packet and pick items to purchase. Simply put, the kits allow you to receive the most popular oils and products for the best value.
  5. What is the Loyalty Rewards Program? In a nutshell, the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a flexible and optional rewards program for loyal customers. For those who order on a regular basis, it is a must have as you can receive great discounts, bonuses, free product points and even free products.