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The number of Essential Oils enthusiasts is skyrocketing around the world and essential oils are quickly becoming mainstream. Many are tired of synthetics and toxins and have turned to pure essential oils to manage their health. With millions of testimonials and mounting scientific research, we see hospitals, doctors, dentists and other health care providers embracing essential oils.

The world’s largest and fastest growing essential oil company has been a leader in the oil movement. The graph shows the number of  users from the company’s inception and the numbers are growing exponentially. Welcome to the revolution!


Essential Oils are aromatic compounds that come from plants. If you have ever smelled a rose or a lavender flower, you have experienced essential oils. But they do so much more than smell good! Through evolution, plants have refined essential oils to combat treats found in nature.

In essence, the complex molecular structure of essential oils is the plant’s defense mechanism. As nature would have it, plant and animal life have similar chemistry. This makes essential oils both effective and compatible in supporting our health naturally, and with no harmful side effects.

So, take advantage of nature’s treasure chest and find out how these oils can benefit you and your family!

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Quality of Oils

Quality is the most important thing to consider in an essential oil. With its rising popularity, essential oils are virtually in every product that can have them. But, buyer beware! Although the labels may read 100% natural, they are most often not pure and may contain synthetics, pesticides, synthetics, fillers and other foreign contaminants that cause your body harm.

Since there are currently NO regulatory standards for products labeled with essential oils, this company made a standard of quality. Above and beyond what is typical in the industry this company is leading the way in providing safe and effective essential oils. Here is what we can say about the essential oils:

  • They are non GMO, organic, and do not contain fillers or artificial ingredients that would dilute their active qualities.
  • Proper extraction and quality control methods verify that these essential oils are free of any contaminants such as pesticides or other chemical residues.
  • The optimal plant species for the desired benefits is selected from the best regions of the world. They have been grown in the right environment, harvested at the right time, and distilled under the right conditions by competent people.
  • Every single batch of oil undergoes independent testing to ensure purity, potency, and the correct composition of the active natural compounds. This is done at a third party facility with some of the foremost experts of Essential Oil chemistry in the world.
  • The oils are guaranteed to be 100% pure and natural, free of synthetic compounds or contaminates, plus have the correct composition of active compounds for maximum efficacy.

Quality of Life

We impacts lives. Using our essential oils not only improves our own quality of life, but it has a significant impact on the quality of the lives of farmers and distillers who partner with us. It’s more than a win-win. It’s a love-love relationship.

The benefits of using essential oils for managing our health has become widespread, but each time you open a bottle of these essential oil, you can feel good about giving back to others.

Through their Sourcing initiative, they cut out the middleman and works directly with the farmers and distillers. In addition they share knowledge on ensuring the best quality, pay fair wages that are delivered more often and on-time, and they invest in their partner’s communities. Co-Impact sourcing is so successful, that Devin Thorpe from Forbes presented this initiative at the United Nations Rotary. Currently they impact about 500.000 people in developing countries just from this sourcing program.

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