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Tooth Care for Babies and Kids

Good Dental Care Starts Young, Very Young Teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but tooth decay is a much more common childhood disease than chickenpox. Start training your children on good dental care before they can even say “mama” to create a habit that will help ensure their pearly whites do last a lifetime. […]

Boost Your Baby’s Immune System with Essential Oils

Lynn’s Essential Oil Story What makes one essential oil different from another? It is their focus on quality and purity. I remember wanting to try essential oils a couple of years before being introduced to pure EOs, but temporarily abandoned the idea after the following experience: In 2010, I walked into a popular health and […]

Chai-like Immune Booster Latte Recipe with Essential Oils

Delicious and good for you. This recipe is sure to boost your immune system and indulge your senses at the same time. Baby it’s cold outside! …But I feel warm and cozy on the inside, thanks to a cup of Chai-like Immune Booster latte. I say chai-like because there isn’t actually any chai in it. […]